Travel Photography

I don’t remember when my love for photography started but I know it started at an early age. Our family traveled a lot when I was a kid and I have memories of them pulling the car over simply for me to take pictures (yes, I have a patient family). I have thousands of pictures – some printed, many on my computer and even more on hard drives buried somewhere in storage.

I’ve continued a life of traveling but, sadly enough, set aside this hobby for quite a few years. Then my sweet husband surprised me with a camera and…I’ve fallen in love with the hobby all over again.

There’s something about looking through the viewfinder and noticing a moment. Everything outside of that space moves on, but you get to capture the angle that becomes a memory. It’s seeing details in a new way and choosing how to share them with the world.

And I’m reminded that our God is a God of details. His diversity is seen so clearly through people, cultures and creation and it’s fun discovering Him in these new and adventurous places.