God Remembers

I’ve been involved with three yard sales in my life. One when I was about 7, one during college and one two years ago. It’s this last one I want to tell you about. Everyone who has planned one knows the drill. You prepare for days and then you’re up at the crack of dawn on the day of the sell.

This time was no different. We were about to move and we needed to declutter so we geared up and we were ready to go. The kids were helping and we were all excited. Ok, well, as excited as you can be at a yard sale. We had toys, books, furniture, shoes, the whole 9 yards.

The morning was successful but as the afternoon progressed we had more left than we had hoped. We were tired and ready to go home so we decided to put a “free” sign at the road. A few people stopped and looked around but didn’t take much. Then a couple pulled up and started strolling through our belongings. They ended up packing into their car a crib, a high chair, a baby carrier, clothes and a nursing pump. 

It was then that the man began to cry. He shared with my husband that his wife was 8 months pregnant, they had recently moved to the area and he had no job. The day before, his wife had told him, “Our baby is due in one month and we have no crib and no furniture.” He looked at Jake and said, “God remembered me.”

We talked with them for a while then we said goodbye. We’ve never seen them again but I know that day we were blessed as much as they were.

May we all be encouraged today that when we feel forgotten, God is preparing the answer even in His silence and at the right moment – His moment – He will speak. We are never alone. He sees us. He loves us. He remembers us.