Mommas and Babies

In honor of Mother’s Day, and proof that as a mother it’s hard to get anything accomplished in a timely manner, here are some thoughts on motherhood from this momma to all of you mommas out there.

Motherhood is a state of constant learning. Just when I think I have it together, our kids get a year older and there are new challenges. Or child number two comes along and whoa….we are right back at the beginning. Ok, not the very start but boy isn’t each child different? 

It’s also a state of constant selflessness. “And what does that look like?” you may ask. It’s having my quiet moments interrupted by sweet voices saying, “Where are you?” It’s warming my teacup 3 times before drinking it. It’s holding tiny hands and letting the waves crash on our feet rather than swimming in the deep end. It’s doing chores with a baby bouncing on my hip. It’s having food disappear because it’s always better off of mommy’s plate. It’s praying and letting God show me what each child needs.  

It’s exhaustion, patience, frustration and complete joy. Every possible emotion you can imagine could be listed. Nights are long – yet very short – and days are filled with questions and messes and giggles and teaching.

There are moments of snuggles and moments of discipline. There are bedtime stories, play dates, park adventures and, if you have boys, lots of wrestle time. 

As moms, we all have a special job. Every day we get to look into eyes that adore us. We are their world. We get to provide, kiss boo boos, wipe away tears and nurture little humans who are quickly growing into their own person. We are the recipients of their creativity seen through colored pages and crafts made at school. We hold a responsibility that has eternal impact.

I often feel overwhelmed by the nonstop, “mommy, mommy, mommy” that I hear all day but I remind myself that one day that will end and my heart will be broken. They grow quickly and while the love will remain, I know that I will not always be the first one they run to, the first one they need. So, I cherish these moments. I linger in their hugs. I play with them. I put my phone down and look into their eyes.   

Moms, when you feel tired or overwhelmed or question if you’re doing it right, remember you are not alone. God has handpicked you for your children and He knows you both inside and out. Lean on Him and let Jesus guide you as you guide them. 

For all my readers – Happy (late) Mother’s Day