Oh the places we go...tips and tricks for traveling with kids

5 Tips for Flying with Toddlers

  1. Request to sit at the front (not first class) of the section so the kids can play on the floor. You have to sacrifice the space for your luggage under the seat in front of you but it’s worth it for them to crawl around – and you get to stretch your legs.
  2. Give the kids the window seat.
  3. Let them have special snacks.
  4. Take them on walks down the aisles occasionally (and let them jump around and get their wiggles out near the rest room area).
  5. Don’t forget to bring a variety of quiet toys (you gotta mix it up because they get bored fast).
Oh the places we go...tips and tricks for traveling with kids

5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

  1. Nurse or give your baby a bottle when taking off and landing to help eliminate ear aches.
  2. Request to sit in the seat with a bassinet (Airlines have a removable bassinet that can be set up on many flights, but be aware that they make you take your baby out every time the seat belt light comes on. This can be very frustrating to us mommas who work diligently to get our baby to sleep).
  3. Don’t forget a blanket because some flights are just freezing.
  4. Reserve an aisle seat so it’s easy to get up and walk around if your baby gets fussy.
  5. Don’t panic if your baby starts crying. Most people are helpful and understanding (not everyone, but most).

Be Still

Noise. It’s so hard for me to silence it and extremely difficult for me to be still. I’m constantly striving, talking or wrestling with my emotions. I want rest but I feel stuck in chaos. In this season, my time is limited for creativity and the logistics of life feel like a labyrinth of dead ends. There is uncertainty and unknown around every corner. 

I’m easily frustrated and I’m totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to produce the fruits of His Spirit within me when my flesh fights to be center stage. And yet, when I think of things that really matter in life, I feel guilty that I’m so quick to complain. I’m surrounded by everyday blessings if I will just stop to recognize them. I must ask myself what I ask my boys each night, “What am I thankful for today?”

Can anyone relate?

In the midst of all of this, God’s word rings out to us all, “Be still and know that I am God.” We live in an unstable and changing world but we serve a stable and unchanging God. We must trust Him. Be still. Enjoy the moment. And remember that every day is a gift.