Coffee Shop Thoughts


*Be warned: this post ended up being longer than I intended so tread lightly*

This is my basic set up a couple days a week as I sit at my favorite local coffee shop, Nerdvana (it’s board game themed and the coffee is delicious), working on things or just unwinding with an almond milk latte. Today I’m deciding what I want this blog to be and what content I want to post, as well as just kind of pondering life. As this blog is still brand new, and I am brand new to blogging, I have ideas of structured posts but for now I’m just gonna have fun writing posts about nothing. This is my little adventure today, the adventure into the world of blogging. So this is just me shouting into the void. You’re welcome void.

I guess I’ll give a little background into what my life is at the moment: I graduated college this past December, so a couple months ago, and have yet to find a career job. It’s not from lack of trying, that’s for sure, but my degree is still kind of new so within my field jobs are kind of hard to come by. I’ve definitely been applying to anything I’d be remotely qualified for outside of my field but I have a feeling people look at my resume, don’t recognize my degree (of which is Health Promotion by the way) and move on without a second glance. This is really unfortunate because I know my work ethic and abilities, and there’s no way to explain to a potential employer that I will always do my very best with every task no matter what it is unless they give me an interview… I guess anyone fresh out of college has the hope that they’ll magically land an awesome job in their field right after graduation, and they’ll get to use their newly certified knowledge to make a difference in the world and be able to enter that world as an young independent adult. Unfortunately, I don’t think that happens for most people though. Props to those who do manage to make that happen, I applaud your hard work and am also very envious of you.

With that said, I still live at home with my parents, am unemployed, and am seriously struggling to find ways to keep my mind occupied and feel productive when there’s really not much of anything to do. I mean, I’m not totally useless. I babysit a handful of times a week, a job I didn’t think I’d do after graduating but I’m grateful to have some great families that I’ve built relationships with over the years to help out still, but other than that I don’t do much of anything. For the first couple weeks of unemployment I watched so much Netflix I think my brain started to atrophy. After that, I tried to find ways to keep myself busy, hence the creation of this blog.

To be fair, I’ve low-key always toyed with the idea of starting a blog but didn’t think I had anything valuable to say so I didn’t see the point. But, upon further thought, I feel like this is a natural step for me with where I’m at right now. I’ve been unmotivated to do the things I love to do lately, and I blame lack of much of a reason to do them. So, after that super lengthy and unnecessary look into the less than exciting parts of my life, I’ll get into what kind of content can be expected on from me.

As I said in my first post, I want to look at everyday as an adventure, no matter how big or small and I want this blog to document those adventures. It might start off as just me forever talking into the void, which is fine, but I hope that at least for someone my “adventures” will bring some kind of inspiration or even comfort that you’re not the only one who’s going through certain things.  As it goes, my adventures reflect my interests, most of which lie in the health and wellness realm. What can be expected of this blog will be:

  • Recipes, of which might be conventionally “healthy” or not, but food is food and it feeds the soul so either way I always consider my cooking healthy because sometimes you need a cookie and sometimes you need a salad. Anyway, I digress.
  • Book recommendations: I made a goal to read one book a week, or at least 52 books by the end of the year and so far…. I’ve not quite been successful but it’s fine, I’ve got nothing but time to rectify that situation.
  • Health and wellness tips, tricks, and discussions. I have a degree in that field so… might as well put my knowledge to good use right?
  • Life posts: Look. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There isn’t always something exciting happening, and that’s ok. I’m going to document it all anyway because as I said before, there’s beauty in the simple things just as much as there is in the fun exciting things.
  • Fitness? I have a question mark because fitness is a big part of my life, and a big part in the pursuit of better health and wellness, but I’ve kind of been in a slump of no motivation to actively workout. I want to fix that situation as well, so join me for the process.

This all might not be all I post, or maybe I won’t even post that much, but in general this is what Everyday Adventure will be about. I currently have very few followers and honestly have no real goal for how many people or who I’d want to join my journey and ready my nonsensical posts, but for those who do read and join in, I’m happy you’re here and just know I’m always open for suggestions, conversations, debates, etc. Alright, I think that’s more than plenty for today. If you made it this far you deserve all of the gold stars, and I’ll leave you with a quote I recently heard that is kinda funny but also resonates with me in this weird transition period, “Shit makes the best fertilizer because it helps the flowers grow” . Take from that what you will.

Have and Amazing Adventurous day! 

Valery Tessa 

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